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2020 REIT Recap

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic (around Feb 2020), I began to restructure my portfolio weights and direct investments. The volatility and uncertainty in the equities market was one of the many causes pushing for increasing my position in long term, appreciating assets such as real estate. The general allocations went from 60% stocks 40% REITs to 30% stocks and 70% REITs.

On the REIT side, the structure followed 28.2% dividend focused, 34.7% balanced (both dividend and appreciating), and 37.1% appreciation focused. The physical investments included, but were not limited to, stabilized commercial/residential properties, renovation, land leases, and new apartment developments. The overall goal of this structure was to create moderate quarterly dividends through stabilized properties and high appreciation values upon completion of any developing properties.

Weighted annual returns for 2020 were 6.0% and the unweighted breakdown shown in the image.

Looking into my 2021 structure, I am to slowly decrease my holdings within any balanced properties once returns are met and move those funds into Growth REITs.

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